Nick Kirgo: Composer Producer Mixer Guitarist

"Nick Kirgo did a masterful mix of Dave Fraser's new CD, Reason and Rhyme"

- Dennis Reed - legendary master and mixing engineer


"A beautiful new album by Mr. Zipperer, produced by Nick Kirgo, who did an exceptional job bringing all the joy and passion of John’s songs into full view. e multitude of musical magic provided by Kirgo, who brings slide guitars, piano, organ, banjo and more to the proceedings." 

-Paul Zollo


"Zipperer and producer Nick Kirgo manned almost all the strings, and Kirgo's talented and then some, pealing off impressive strums, riffs, and lead lines with John on acoustic behind him."

-Mark S. Tucker


"Zipperer got the right producer in Nick Kirgo."

-Paul Riley

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